Sonoma Horse Source provides customized web page and web site designs to promote your product, service, or business.
Some options and fees are listed in the table below.
If you would like to utilize any of these services, you can contact us to obtain a proposal.
Web page with up to 2 photos $125 minimum*
Web page with up to 3 photos & video $150 minimum*
Web page with up to 4 photos & video $200 minimum*
Web site $500 minimum*
Scanning and manipulating photos into appropriate format for web pages $5 / photo
Creating photos from videos (VCR or Hi8 tapes) into appropriate format for web pages $20 / photo
Creating a video file from VCR or Hi8 tapes $50 / hour
Customized graphics design $50 / hour
* Cost depends on site complexity.

Examples of web sites designed:
Ranch Sites Product/Service Sites Information Sites
Chris Brown Cutting Horses Book: Horses of the Wine Coutnry CEPEC
Janine Behrens Training EquiSports Software Occidential Equestriannes
Wagon Wheel Ranch Hunt & Behrens Feed Store Smart Little Lena & Bill Freeman
Ted Draper Training Stables Zoe Murphy Compton Lighting & Ironworks Sweetwater Springs Water District
Wyammy Ranch The Bridal Path Celtic Lurchers
North Bay Sew & Vac  

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